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Faster! Faster! Faster!
Fantasia Works Action Ball takes dodge ball to a whole new level!

Electronic score tracking system, upbeat music and intensive time limit combined with aspects of dodge ball result in adrenaline filled player versus player action. During a round of Action Ball players divided into two teams try to outscore their opponents by throwing balls at a target on opposing teams side of the enclosure without leaving their side. It's up to the players to balance between offense and defense.
Be aware, this game will make you sweat!

Game Area Size

LENGTH: 10 000 mm | WIDTH: 5 000 mm
HEIGHT: 3 000 MM


Wooden framing with safety nets. Sturdy aluminium target boards with motion tracking sensors. Digital scoreboards and a time board. 8 cm diameter balls.

Targeted Age Group

(and parents)


2 years for props
1 year for electronics

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