Planning & Building an Activity / Theme Park can be easy having a partner with a range of Inspiring Attractions & Arcade Games ready to fit into new Theme.


Would you like to be a football star?
Here is your chance - just hit start and kick away!

FootPinball integrates classic pinball and contemporary football in an exciting way.

The goal of the game is to score points by kicking a real football and hitting as many targets as possible within the time limit. Carefully designed audio-visual elements along with the scoring system create an authentic pinball experience, which is then further molded into a form of healthy competition by the football aspect.


Would you like to be a football star?
Here is your chance - just hit start and kick away!

Penalty Game integrates classic football shot in an exciting way.

Play against your friend in this interactive electronic football penalty kick-game. Be sure that you only have 60 seconds to hit every one of five holes and win a game!


Dare to enter the haunted swamp? Hunters, load your weapons!

The adventure starts with a preshow in the bayou lodge. Hunters will be given special weaponry to take down the creatures that lurk in the swamp as they walk through the narrow wooden path.


Do you have the need for speed?

Pedal Car Track is a racing paradise for small daredevils. When racers have finished, pit stop is ready to serve them.

Pedal Car Track can be scaled for 1 to 10 riders. High quality steel fences confine the riders withing the borders of the track. Shape of the track is flexible and can be made to serpentine around and under other attractions of the park.


Faster! Faster! Faster! Fantasia Works Action Ball takes dodge ball to a whole new level!

Electronic score tracking system, upbeat music and intensive time limit combined with aspects of dodge ball result in adrenaline filled player versus player action. During a round of Action Ball players divided into two teams try to outscore their opponents by throwing balls at a target on opposing teams side of the enclosure without leaving their side. It's up to the players to balance between offense and defense.

Be aware, this game will make you sweat!


Yeehaa, riders!

Fantasia Works Hobby Horse Club provides imaginative and active fun for all horseback riding fans.

Feel the joy of jumping over obstacles and ride to the podium as a winner. This classic activity never goes out of fashion.


Ready to become the next Tiger Woods? Start now and here!

During a round of this mini-golf inspired attraction, target holes on the floor take turns lighting up for a limited time each.  While a hole is lit, a player has to hit a golf ball into it in order to score a point. A scoreboard keeps track of the successful putts encouraging a healthy competition among friends.

As with all of our attractions, the whole experience can be tailored according to a specific theme.


Ahoy me hearties!

Adventure into mid 18th century castles and sea battles. Blast other pirates out of their hideouts with powerful softball cannons and take away their bounty! 

This treasure hunt attraction is built to promote activity, excitement and accuracy. Those who hit all targets within the allotted time will reap a reward – a pirate’s treasure, Arrr!


Get the ball rolling!

Fortuna is a vintage pinball / bowling action game in a life-sized package. A fun and easy game for all ages. Fortuna is fully manual so no electricity or pneumatics are required. Its wooden structure and nostalgic apperance evoke that old time retro feeling we all like.

What we have here is one true Fantasia Works’ classic, The Fortuna Game!