Planning & Building an Activity / Theme Park can be easy having a partner with a range of Inspiring Attractions & Arcade Games ready to fit into new Theme.


Would you like to be a football star?
Here is your chance - just hit start and kick away!

FootPinball integrates classic pinball and contemporary football in an exciting way.
The aim is to kick a real football and hit as many targets as possible within the allotted time. Theming, sounds and lighting formulate an authentic pinball experience while the motivated player enacts the football part.


Dare to enter the haunted swamp? Hunters, load your weapons!

The adventure starts with a preshow in the bayou lodge. Hunters will be given special weaponry to take down the creatures that lurk in the swamp as they walk through the narrow wooden path.


Fast and Furious enough to be there?

Pedal Car Track is  a racing paradise for small daredevils. When racers have finished, pit stop is ready to serve them.

Pedal Car Track may get from 1 to 10 riders at a time. Borders are made with high quality metal fences. Structure of the track is flexible so it can wrap all of your theme park around.


Faster! Faster! Faster! 

Fantasia Works Action Ball takes dodge ball to a whole new level!
Innovative color motion tracking system is what makes this game, the next best thing. Action Ball happens within a safe enclosure. With target boards in both ends, the players will compete on having more hits onto the opponents target board.

Be aware, this game will make you sweat!


Yeehaa, riders!

Fantasia Works Hobby Horse Club provides imaginative and active fun for all horseback riding fans.

Feel the joy of jumping over obstacles and ride to the podium as a winner. This classic activity never goes out of fashion.


Ready to become nest generation Tiger Woods? Start now and here!

The mini golf game have an aim to get the ball into the hole for the record time and tries. Check how successfully you are playing with a scoreboard in front of you. Every time you do a great job, scoreboard lights up and sound of winning would arise.

Game may have a different or even customised theming together with amazing light and sound effects supported by the sensors with solid technique and smooth workflow.


Ahoy me hearties!

Adventure into mid 18th century castles and sea battles. Blast other pirates out of their hideouts with powerful softball cannons and take away their bounty! 

This treasure hunt attraction is built to promote activity, excitement and accuracy. Those who hit all targets within the allotted time will reap a reward – a pirate’s treasure, Arrr!


Get the ball rolling!

Fortuna is a vintage pinball / bowling action game in a life-size package. A fun and easy game for all ages. Fortuna is fully manual (no electricity or pneumatics required). Its wooden structure and nostalgic outlook make up for that old time retro feeling we all like.

What we have here is one true Fantasia Works’ classic, The Fortuna Game!