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Would you like to be a football star?
Here is your chance - just hit start and kick away!

FootPinball integrates classic pinball and contemporary football in an exciting way.

The goal of the game is to score points by kicking a real football and hitting as many targets as possible within the time limit.
What is your strategy? Will you go for quantity over quality by hitting the easier targets, or maybe do the reverse and aim for the higher scoring ones in the back? Be sure to remember that scoring the bonus points for hitting all the targets can give you the edge you need in a friendly competition.

Carefully designed audio-visual elements along with the scoring system create an authentic pinball experience, which is then further molded into a form of healthy competition by the football aspect. Themes may be chosen according to your own favourite football club, country of nationality or special event. When it comes to theming and branding, with FootPinball, anything is possible!

Game Area Size

LENGTH: 10 000 mm | WIDTH: 5 000 mm
HEIGHT: 4 000 MM


Set Decor, Framing & Safety Nets, Target sensors, scoreboard, lights & sound, electronics and Football

Targeted Age Group

(and parents)


2 years for props
1 year for electronics

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