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Ready to become the next Tiger Woods? Start now and here!

During a round of this mini-golf inspired attraction target holes on the floor take turns lighting up for a limited time each.  While a hole is lit, the player has to hit a golf ball into it in order to score a point. A scoreboard keeps track of the successful putts encouraging a healthy competition among friends.

As with all of our attractions, the whole experience can be tailored according to a specific theme. By default the attractions contains two tracks next to each other, but the number can be  scaled up or down.

Game Area Size

L: 6000 mm W: 4200 mm
H: 4000 mm


Wooden frame structures with safety nets, artificial turf-flooring, plywood wall with a scoreboard, sound & lights.

Targeted Age Group

(and parents)


2 years for props
1 year for electronics

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