Creative Design, Fantastic Realization! What else needed? Experience with a help of professional technicians.


We saved our lighting expertise from early 1990s until these days continue having a great attitude for lighting design and implementation for the best multi-sensory approach and experience.


Each of our projects proceeds to our Sound Design Professional. Clear sound at the right time with a help of techniques may guarantee a show.

Playing Experience

Kick, Shoot, Jump, Throw and anything you can imagine…

You have a theme we have attraction, in each project, there is a chance to add a charm for kids and adults with experience of play and joy.

Special Effects & Illusions

Not just a light, not just a certain action, not just a sound, much more than that.

We create our special effects & illusions combining creativity with technical work, show control and programming.

Show Control

Show Control Experts work with programming, Illusions, effects, and audio-visual technology for a better experience of the show, attraction or even the whole exhibition.
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