Creative Design, Fantastic Realization! What else is needed? Experience with the help of professional technicians.


We hold on to our lighting expertise from early 1990s with a great attitude towards lighting design and implementation while crafting the best multi-sensory approach for the intended experience.


Each of our projects proceeds to our Sound Design Professional. Immersive sound effects at the right time with a help of some creative techniques really makes the difference.

Playing Experience

Kick, Shoot, Jump, Throw and anything else you can imagine…

Everything becomes more attractive with a theme, and combining a theme with elements of play can make up for a exceptionally memorable experience for all ages.

Special Effects & Illusions

Not just a light, not just a certain action, not just a sound, much more than that.

We create our special effects and illusions by combining creativity with technical work, show control and programming.

Show Control

Show Control Experts utilize programming, illusions, effects, and audio-visual technology while fine-tuning how the show, attraction or exhibition is experienced.
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