Theme, Park, Exhibition, and Entertainment Design services together with fantastic planning operations.

Story Concept

Everything starts with a story.

Story development for each of our attractions and projects helps us to create the world of the fantasy.

Drawing & Sketching

Our designers always used old school pencil and paper.

Our design & planning team share the same vision that transform the fantasy into reality.

3D Modelling

Company implements 3D Modelling and design considering all, even little details.

We always keep in mind its installation, smooth workflow and quality of structures for the best result.

Concept Design

For us concept design is a whole story behind the idea where we keep all experiences, interactions, and processes in a form of sketches, models and plans.

Master Planning

Master plans that guide the way towards experience.

Working in close collaboration with clients, we accept possible challenges of the area to overcome in the creative way.

Production Planning

After Design stage is passed, our production planning team starts working.

Production have always followed European safety requirements both for materials and structures.
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